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Chatroulette – Exciting Place, Pure Fun!

Chatroulette, an internet sensation, launched in 2009 and became everyone’s obsession. It’s a professional web-based, cam-to-cam, online chat website introduced by, seventeen-year old, Andrey Ternovsky, in Moscow, Russia. This immensely popular website has been featured in the New York Times, Good Morning America, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, etc.


What is chatroulette? If you’re pondering this question, allow me to explain:

Chatroulette is an online chat website where you commune with casual people through audio, text, and video; it’s kind of like an online social media, which associates you with the entire world and offers you the opportunities to meet with the new human beings; people exploit this website for several purposes; for instance: some people use it for fun and dating, while others use it for exploring new cultures and meaningful relationships.

The design of Chatroulette is rather simple; it has two video display boxes on the left side and a right sidebar for optional text chat; it’s an utter user friendly design which doesn’t baffle the visitors with immense details, in fact, it lures them with its simplicity. Besides, this website uses ‘Adobe Flash’ to present video and allows nearly all video and audio streams to move directly between users’ computers.

The fame of Chatroulette has grown outstandingly since its first appearance; from conventional media to celebrities, from students to office workers, almost everyone is obsessing over it these days. According to New York Times, this website is intensely addictive. Once you start using it consistently, it becomes tough to concentrate on anything else; the steady taste of new exploration impels your mind to think about it all the time.

Though, there are thousands of diverse opinions regarding Chatroulette, however, it won’t be wrong to say that it has given a new dimension to social media; it didn’t only grab the headlines in its prime time but also paralyze the competition with fright on Chatroulette.


Omegle - Soar like an Eagle. Enjoy having freedom just like an eagle. With Omegle, you can soar and have the time of your life as you sit right in front of your computer or your mobile device. If you love chatting and if you love meeting people, then it is the perfect website for you. Omegle allows you to enjoy the best thing that the World Wide Web has to offer – connectivity. Now, you can talk to people from the other side of the world. You do not need to pay impossibly high phone bills, wait for weeks to get correspondence, or to wake up in an inconvenient time of the day just to talk to someone on Omegle from a different time zone.

All you have to do is use Omegle and you will be able to talk to fun and interesting people. Let cupid and fate lead you to the right person as Omegle connects you to a random person who is also looking for someone to chat with. Even though it is random, you are still in control as you have the option to stay anonymous throughout the chat session. You can also stop the chat anytime you want. You can also choose to inform Omegle about your interests and preferences. Doing so will help the app find your perfect match. You can choose to use text for chatting or you can choose to have a cam chat. You just need to have a webcam and you can chat the night or the day away on Omegle!


Bazoocam Explode with Fun! – Bazoocam is where you can find and how you can talk to the coolest people around the world. It is a chat app which gives you total freedom. You can choose whether you want to chat with women or if you want to chat with men. It is webcam-based so you can easily see who you are talking to. You can also choose to chat with people who live in nearby areas on Bazoocam. This creates excitement over the possibility of actually meeting each other and taking the friendship or the relationship into a whole new level.

Aside from the chat itself, you can choose from different games. You can improve your skills in those games but you can play the games while you chat with another person so you will not get bored. It is a great way to start a conversation with the person that you are chatting with on bazoocam. While a lot of chat apps are also available for free, Bazoocam is different because it pairs you with a male or a female. If you are not satisfied with the person that you are chatting with, you can change the whole situation with just a push of a button. Whenever you push skip, you are paired to another stranger. It keeps the whole thing exciting! Bazoocam also offer you to choose to join chat rooms wherein there are lots of people that you can talk to. You will never get tired of this app. You will surely appreciate your chatting experiences with Bazoocam.


Chatrandom - Unlimited Chat Fun! - All you need is an internet connection, a webcam, and a mic, and you can have endless fun with Chatrandom! You do not need to become a member and pay an expensive member fee. A lot of people believe that randomness is a child’s approach to fun. There isn’t any defined limitation. You can just let your hair down, put your feet up, and have fun. Although Chatrandom features random chat, you can actually choose whom you want to chat with. You can look for a random chatter, a girl, guy, or only those who have webcams. The best thing about Chatrandom is that you can use it for free! In this time and age wherein something free is unheard of, Chatrandom gives you a free chance to chat with an interesting person, it also sets you free from the boundaries and limitations.

With almost sixty thousand chatters or members on Chatrandom, you will most likely find that perfect person for you. Whether you are looking for a relationship or just a casual chat, Chatrandom has the perfect one for you! It is for adults only so you can just imagine how fun it is inside the chat room. You can choose to make new friends and prove that it is actually possible even online. You can choose to fool around and just have a good time. You can meet random people on Chatrandom whom you can learn a lot of things from. It is actually hard to believe that Chatrandom is free to use!

Cam to Cam

This cam to cam website offers you the gift to meet up interesting strangers from around the world for live video conversations. Now, it’s up to you whether you look through thousands of hit-and-miss cams for fun, or start a momentous conversation with someone.

As you click ‘Start’, you see a random individual right in front of you; you can either start a discussion with him/her, or carry on your hunt for a better, more interesting person. If you’re cautious regarding one-on-one cam to cam thing, let me assure you, no one can get information regarding your identity; the entire chat is anonymous. Therefore, don’t hesitate to take a chance; you can turn a few minutes of your free time into pleasurable time.

It would be acceptable to assert that Chatroulette is one of the best cam-to-cam places to observe other users. And, as I’ve stated above, you can make friends or build relationships with those people who relish the similar things as you, however, be careful regarding one thing; don’t share personal information on this website, since it can be devastating.

Chat with Girls

If you’re looking for an opportunity to chat with girls on this website, then allow me to share some facts with you first. A 2010 study claimed, in a way, that the percentage of females on Chatroulette is 11 percent. Therefore, if I say, one in ten clicks can introduce a new female to you, it won’t be wrong. Although, I agree that the ratio is rather low, but it’s steadily increasing day by day; if you sign in to Chatroulette, there is a strong chance that you would chat (cam-to-cam) with thousands of real girls, online.

Apart from all the figures and facts, I’ve seen many people who deduce that this website is the finest solution for socializing with girls in the healthiest manner, since, it’s specifically invented for fun, and no one feels the overwhelming pressure to impress the other. If I declare, it’s a treasure for those who want to use it particularly for chatting and dating girls, it won’t be incorrect, as it has already got the interests of dating gurus, and pick-up artists, since its first launch. And, they take advantage of it every day.

Chat with strangers

Wish to chat with strangers on Chatroulette? Well, it’s doable. However, you just need to have some art of dating. Though, it’s relatively not possible to have personal information, but if some girl rubs you in a romantic way, then you can ask for some secure contact information like Facebook-contact or email address etc.

In case you wish to use this website specifically for dating, then it’s better to contact their support before, since they can give you clear guidelines regarding this subject, rather than breaching their terms of services.

When we canvass this website closely, we find that a lot of users use it only for dating girls; and they’re rather successful at it. Plus, the increasing numbers of females are keeping Chatroulette under the spotlight across the globe, and constantly luring everyone... Now, in dating, your skills play a substantial role; you can’t expect to win girls, if you have no idea how to attract or communicate like an elite man… If you truly have no idea regarding attracting girls on cam-to-cam websites, just learn some dating skills and apply them – when women from various states would connect with you.

Why Should You Use Chatroulette?

Well, good questions! You should use Chatroulette because it has numerous advantages. For instance: first, it proffers you the opportunity to introduce your crazy side; you can keep a poker face, or sing like there is no tomorrow. When you’ve a sense that your identity is anonymous, you relish the moments fully and deeply; you break the boundaries of soberness and think something creative to entertain yourself and others.

Apart from this, “I do something you want, you do something I want.” This is the game which men and women often play on Chatroulette, for relishing good moments; this game sparks all kinds of creative ideas and allows the users to build friendly atmosphere. Though, many users would trick you in this game, but it’s still fun when you’re jaded!

In addition, you experience the dramatic variety of life on this website; you see all kinds of people and canvass their brain and background; some people appear common, while others assert their own interesting style and astonish you utterly.

Concluding Thoughts about Chat Roulette

Chatroulette is a professional, interesting, and thrilling website; when you meet people from all walks of life, you amuse yourself and your friends. Just use this website with an open mind, and don’t take anything personally, since it can sometimes introduce rude and hurting behaviors; if someone attempts to offend you, just click the next button and meet someone fun, and new… So, try Chatroulette now; it’s positive, full of pleasure, and worth your time! The more you would use it, the more you would be obsessed with it.